Screw Resolutions

Happy Mid-Week LBVJ'ers 

This is the time of the week when I usually share some tip or thought on how to have a better week. 

Well this time, I'm doing one better. I'm going to share a tip on having a better year.

Of course when you're talking about 2020 it's not too hard to do. I mean 2021 has to be better - you can't get much worse than a pandemic, quarantine and all of that, right?

As we barrel toward NYE's pretty much everyone out there is telling you to get your goals and resolutions ready.

BUT, I'm going to tell you, screw that.  Because resolutions suck and most of the time don't work and leave us feeling like failures. 


Say no to that! You should feel amazing and proud of what you did accomplish.

When I look back at 2020 I started out with a few goals and resolutions and by golly, most of them took in some form or fashion...Not always what I was looking for but they did.

Some were easy - one shot projects like working on the my front garden. Sure, being stuck at home, helped but it turned out it was the kind of project that took a few weekends of time, some buy in from the muscle in the house and a few other things.

But it was done, crossed off the list (well there is the weeding and watering part, but that's what kids are for, right?)

Some of the others were definitely not one and done, but they were still something that it turned out I had control over.

 Like my health habits - it turns out while it's hard to control a number on the scales, it's a lot easier to go for a walk most days.

And while it's hard to conjure up buckets of cash, it's a lot easier to look at your spending, at each and every decision to buy and either deny, delay or greenlight it. 

It's turns out it's easier to get along with people when you start focusing on being happier yourself - like seeing the bright side, gratitude and counting to ten before responding to your teen's snarky comments.

And guess what, now those things are habits - that I can keep doing. 

 They just happen - and now I have room for something new. 

And what was the one or two things I didn't get to that I wished I did?

Are they still important? If they are I'm going to pick one and work only on that until, guess what - I have the right habits in place.  If you want more about the power of setting goals - check out this primer on the power of micro goals - little things add up!

So here's to 2020, and to 2021! Check back at the end of the week for out kick off to 2021 giveaway - and of course, if you need something to read, check out the Queensbay series, small town romance at its swooniest...

And if you need something yummy, check out some of warm winter soups!

Slow Roasted Tomato Soup

Creamy Wild Rice and Mushroom soup


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