HMC Ugly Sweaters and Spiked Eggnog...All Adds Up To?

Hallmark Movie Channel, Ugly Sweaters, Spiked Eggnog

Happy Friday fellow LBVJ'ers. How do you know it's offiially the holiday season?

Is it the fact that Hallmarks 30 day of Christmas movies has begun? Is it the ugly Christmas sweaters on sale? Or is the spiked eggnog that starts showing up?


Well, whatever it is, I think we can safely say it's December and you can double down on the holiday cheer!

While this year, celebrating will look a little different than in year's past, I hope you all find ways to have some cheer!

Oh - and to help with that, there's a little giveaway for you, because you know, it is Fabulous FRIDAY!

She Believed She Could So She Did Charm Necklace


In the meantime, here are a few things I've been busy working on -  Book 8 in the Queensbay Series, Sienna's story...It should be out early in 2021!

(If you haven't caught up on the series, check out the latest book Truly Yours! 

(affiliate link)

Serious couch time with the dogs and the kids - nothing like early nights to encourage family time...

And 1000 piece puzzles. It took 5 people 5 days to get it done, but we did it!


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