First Footing Giveaway - 2021 Loading

First Footing - The first person who enters the door's on New Year's Day. The Scots say it's good luck to have a your First Footer be tall, dark and handsome, while others say you must always enter with your right foot. 

In England, the first footers would go about in groups to any 'open house' - the tradition of New Year's Day Open Houses.

In the Ozarks, many people believe whatever a person does on New Year's day, is an indication of how the rest of the year will go...hmm sounds like a strong motivation to be on your best behavior...or not!

 (Need something to read on the couch for the long weekend? Check out the Queensbay Series - small town contemporary romance filled with friends, fun, family and of course - happily ever after...)

In any case - Happy New Year - may 2021 be full of blessings for us all! In the meantime, enjoy the 2021 Loading Giveaway!  Let's open our hearts, minds, souls, windows and door and blow out 2020 and get ready to welcome the new year!

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate to stock you Kindle, knock something off your wishlist, or anything you desire!




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