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Welcome to the La Belle Vie 7 Day Journaling Workshop!

My name is Drea Stein and I'm the best-selling author of a series of fiction books. I'm also the creator of La Belle Vie Journal, a blog about seeking contentment in a world full of alpha and the creator of the The Purpose Journal - a guided journal for uncovering your true purpose in life and a plan for living your purpose each and every day...It is, after all the essence of the French notion if C'est La Belle Vie - oh what a life...

For now, rest assured, your 7- day  journaling workshop will start via email momentarily. In the meantime, if you're looking to get deeper into a living a more contented, challenging, authentic life, please check out the Purpose Journal -a  guided journal, available exclusively here!

The Purpose Journal - $17.00

Got Purpose? The La Belle Vie Purpose Journal  is a guided journal that will help you discover, uncover and live your purpose each and every day!