Cozy Mysteries - Best Books to Curl Up and Match Wits

There's nothing like a curling up with a good cozy mystery. Instead of gore, we get a cast of characters that become near and dear to us. Here's a selection of some cozy mystery series that are perfect for binge reading:

Cozy & Contemporary

The Miss Fortune Mystery Series by Jana DeLeon - Screwball detecting in the vein of Stephanie Plum

Anything by Anthony Horowitz - Standalone, or series, these are well-plotted private eye mysteries. 

Rose Gardner Investigates - Denise Grover Swank - A little bit of romance, a little bit of detecting, featuring an appealing low-key heroine. 

Historical Mysteries

The Lady Julia Gray Mystery Series - Deanna Raybourn- featuring Lady Jane Gage and private investigator Nicholas Brisbane, this duo detects their way across the upper crust of Victorian society. 

Veronica Speedwell Mystery Series - Deanna Raybourn - Veronica Speedwell is a most decidedly modern woman, even though Victorian morals still rule English society. With a shadowy connection to the royal family Veronica becomes their on-call bag woman. 



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