Get Ready to Cozy Up Your Home for the Fall

Create a She-Den out of your Living Room & Other Genius Ideas

As the leaves keep falling and the days get shorter and darkness comes around early, it's natural that we're spending more time indoors. And that's great, because it means after a summer of living outside, we can come back and enjoy the coziness of the space between our four walls.  

Fall is my favorite time of year - not too warm, not too cold yet. I love being outside just long enough to get a cold nose and hands, and getting to come inside to warm up.

I love to make my house cozy ready for the fall. Here are some of my favorite and easy ways to get fall cozy.

Rediscover the living room

You know that room that doesn't get used that much because you have the family room, or the basement where everyone hangs out.  Well, it's time to reclaim the living room.  It can be a cozy, screen free she-den.  

If you're living room has the "good" furniture in it, you know the kind no one is ever supposed to sit on, then get over it. Or at least cover it. And we're not talking about the plastic covers.

Protect the good furniture with throw blankets. I love the faux fur ones and drape my couches in them, then I use another throw blanket to snuggle in while I relax with my favorite books and magazines. (Check out some of my favorites).

Add in some throw pillows, a place to put a cup of tea on and some decent task lighting and you have the perfect ladies retreat. 

I like to keep my living room TV screen free - this makes it less attractive to the kids who might decide to eat orange dust covered cheese doodles in there while watching endless Tik-Tok videos.

This way I have a little haven in the midst of the chaos. However, if I ever do feel the need to catch up some screen time, I'm happy to use one of my devices for some personal viewing. 

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Add some rugs for super soft layers

Many, many years ago, people weren't afraid of rugs - and lots of them. The more the better, and who cared if they matched. You can see this style in action if you ever visit house museums, like Theodore Roosevelt's home, Sagamore Hill on Long Island.




Embrace the comfy feeling of rugs. If you have some in storage pull them out, or scour the local discount store for some good deals. Rugs warm up the floors, hide imperfect ones or add a sense of Victorian romanticism to a home. 

Decorate the mantle

It might be too early to light a fire, but think of your fireplace mantle as a great place to decorate. Add in tall glass votives with battery operated candles, some fall leaves or pumpkins and gourds - either real or fake, and you have a space that gives color and focal point to a room. 

Don't have a fireplace?  You can always install a mantle on a bare wall to add some character to the room. Want the warmth of a fire without the hassle of cost of building a chimney?  There are some many great electric fireplace units on the market that can add warmth and cheer to a room. 

Change Your Curtains

Don't be afraid to change out your curtains by the season. You don't have to buy new ones every season of course, but consider a rotating set of curtains - light and airy in the summer and then darker and heavier in the fall.

Light it Up

Use your candles. Grab those unused candlesticks and fill them with tapers. You can even take inexpensive flower vases and set a thick pillar candle in it. If you want to get fancy, buy some playground sand or small pebbles or gravel, like aquarium gravel to use a base or filler.

For the perfect fall decoration, fill your glass holders with candy corns!  The candles nestle perfectly in them.

Keep the fire(pit) going

You don't have to be inside all of the time. You can still use your outside furniture. If you have a firepit, don't be afraid to use it. Fall nights are much better for a fire than the sticky, too warm summer ones.

Keep some extra blankets handy for outside use too. There's nothing quite like watching a fall moonrise cozied up in some blankets with a crackling fire.

Don't forget the flowers


Up until the first hard frost, there are still some fantastic late autumn bloomers like sunflowers. Don't be afraid to spread a few bouquets around the house to brighten up any room and bring nature in.

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