Friday Fun - Staying Safe, Healthy and Socially Distant

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified...Oh no, not I, I will survive..." Gloria Gaynor's Handwashing #iWillSurviveChallenge 

Hello my friends - it's officially Spring now, and well it's a whole new ball game out there - and not really in a good way.  First off, I hope you're feeling healthy and safe in the midst of all this craziness.  I trust that we'll all get through this somehow.

Like a lot of you, we're observing social distancing. School's closed and my kids are buckling down to remote learning.  A HUGE SHOUT OUT to teachers everywhere for all you do everyday and especially these days!

In these trying times there have been some bright spots  - we all eat lunch together, and we get to play with our baby chicks anytime we want. These are supposed to be Easter Eggers - they'll lay blue eggs. Let's hope they're all chicks (as in ladies)...




Another bonus - since we're not supposed to go out as much, there's been plenty of time to read and write (I'm in the final editing stages of Book 7 in the Queensbay series!) 





The dogs are super happy too, since there are lots of people to take them for walks and pet them - all day too...Don't worry - she's all better now but I can't resist how sad she looks with the cone of shame...

I know in times of uncertainty reading has been a huge help to me. Calming me down, getting me through stretches of loneliness, providing a needed escape and distraction.


I hope you're all finding solace somehow, with stack of your favorite books and cup of your favorite beverage to help relax and de-stress.  

Since it's Friday, we're going to have a little fun with our usual trivia quiz. This week's prize is another book lover's gift pack - a mug and a coffee gift card!

Friday Fun - Nancy Drew Edition

Today's subject  - someone you probably know quite well, that intelligent, headstrong and ever so capable strawberry blonde sleuth from River Heights...test your Nancy Drew knowledge and see if you can guess the right answer!

A shout out to Rita O, winner of last week's prize! The question - which one was not a Jane Austen book? Answer - Pamela -written in 1740 by Samuel Richardson and considered the first true English novel.  But enough about Pammy  - it's onto Nancy!

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    Thanks for the opportunity, have many book boyfriends, just depends on the day as to which one is in favor. LOL

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