Give a Little Hygge

Getting Jiggy with Hygge

Or how to create a cozy vibe with the art of hygge

Ok, so hygge is really pronounced HOO-GAH, and does not rhyme with jiggy (apologies to Will Smith) or hickey (apologies to mothers).  Still I couldn't resist a little bit of punning.

Here at La Belle Vie Journal I like to focus on creating "ahh, this is the life" moments. One of the most important things for me in my journey to create a more contented life was discovering and practicing the art of hygge. 

I can't claim much (or any) Scandi heritage, but I do think they are onto something with their penchant for hygge - creating moments of coziness and contentment.  

See, I'm a big fan of contentment because it seems so much easier to achieve than HAPPINESS - yes the CAPS are intentional. With contentment and coziness, well I've just lowered the bar to something achievable without a Herculean effort. 

In Denmark, the people enjoy a hygge lifestyle that involves creating a moment of coziness, especially in the wintertime when it is cold. Denmark has long and cold winters, but the residents want to spend a lot of time with their relatives and friends, so everyone tries to have enjoyable hygge moments that will create a feeling of warmth. You don’t need to be from Denmark to want hygge moments,

 Here are some simple ways to hygge out your home:

Have Candlelight in Your Home

 If you live in Denmark, then you will rarely find scented candles on display in a home, but you will find unscented lit candles instead. Most Danish people have a lot of plain white candles throughout a home, and they light the candles to create a cozy ambience. The unscented candles are lit throughout the day and are in every room of a home. Look for plain white candles at a local store, and place the items in candle holders throughout your home to create a cozy atmosphere.

Cook Your Favorite Comfort Foods

In the winter, you can overcome the feeling of darkness in the winter by cooking your favorite comfort foods. You might want to have a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese, or you might prefer mashed potatoes with fried chicken. To increase the feelings of coziness, you will invite your friends to your home to enjoy a potluck buffet of comfort foods. You can also have a cooking party to learn how to prepare the most popular comfort foods from Denmark.

Check out our out of this world soup recipe: Tomato Soup   or our Slow Cooker Spicy Chili Recipe


Create a Quiet Oasis Inside Your Home

You should also have a quiet oasis inside your home where you can rest and relax after a difficult day at work. This special area might be a window seat that is filled with soft pillows and a warm blanket so that you can read your favorite book. Alternatively, you might have a quiet area in your living room or bedroom that makes you feel peaceful and cozy.


Visit a Nearby Cafe 

On the weekends, you should have a favorite cafe to visit with your friends where you can sit for hours talking about nothing while drinking cups of coffee and eating delicious desserts. While spending time with your friends, you may have an intense feeling of contentment or coziness that is indescribable, making it a hygge moment.

 In fact, I love cafes so much I made one the centerpiece of the first book in my Queensbay small town series, Dinner for Two.  You can learn more about the series and see some of my favorite cafe inspiration pics here: The Golden Pear


Enjoy a Favorite Hobby in the Winter

 If you don’t have time for a hobby during the other seasons, then you will have time in the winter. Choose a hobby that you can enjoy at home or with your friends. You might want to learn how to knit in the winter, and this is a hobby that you can take with you to a friend’s home. Alternatively, you might want to learn more about collecting coins from around the world, or you may want to learn more about woodworking.


Create Cozy Moments 

Additional cozy moments i include lighting a fire in a fireplace before relaxing in front of it to listen to music, or you can have a warm bubble bath before slathering lotion on your dry skin.

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