Go For A Walk - your body will thank you for it!

Go For A Walk - it's simple, cheap and easy and it will do wonders for you!

Everyone knows how important exercise is for our overall health, not to mention how we feel about ourselves -- which is also very important. Popular exercise plans often promise six-pack abs, sculpted glutes, and a lean silhouette if you work harder than you ever have and consume less than has ever satisfied you, neither of which is sustainable.

However, it is possible to get the results without all of that intense training. Sure, if you have a specific athletic goal like running a marathon or winning a Ms. Muscle Competition, then you should train pretty specifically for your goal.

But if you want to feel great, be healthy and slim down then there's an ancient, not so secret thing you should do...WALK. Yes, incorporating walking - and yes, we do mean more than from where you park your car to the door of your building, into your daily routine will have so many wonderful benefits on your health AND well-being. 

All-Around Benefits

  • Not only is walking enjoyable, it is cheap and also encourages socialization.
  • It is great for body sculpting too. Walking melts fat off the whole body--be it the abdomen, upper arms, and hips. The reason walking is a fat burning exercise is because it is aerobic. This means it increases circulation, it increases the oxygenation of cells, it detoxifies, and it increases metabolism. The areas of highest fat concentration melt away first. Taking regular walks is the answer to a firm and slim body. But we don’t mean the casual afternoon stroll--you can’t expect to get the benefits without achieving moderate pace. If you are going to use walking as a way to trim your body, you're going to need to up your pace, lengthen your stride, swing your arms and increase the walking pace.  If you want fat to melt away, you have to raise your heartbeat and keep it raised for at least half an hour. If you do this, you will notice a slimmer and more toned physique in a matter of weeks!
  • Walking is low impact; it doesn’t damage the joints - trust me; this becomes more and more important as we get older.
  • Walking is more effective against cancer and other diseases, too, than extreme intense exercises. The high-intensity workouts can put stress on the body, and that can be detrimental to your health. You may have heard of strong young people dropping dead from heart attacks after a marathon or a lot of jogging. It is better to take it at an easier pace, but for longer periods. You will see your weight improve and you will reap health benefits too, for sure!

Have you got comfortable walking shoes with cushioned soles?  Buy yourself good ones and do your feet a favor – you will feel like you are walking on air. You won’t regret spending a bit extra on good walking shoes.

Stop being a couch potato and start walking!

Modern home and work environments mean that we spend large parts of our day’s sitting, particularly when we have office jobs. Sedentary lifestyles definitely can contribute to weight gain and also increase your risk of health problems.

One study estimated that for you to maintain a stable weight, you need to walk at least 150 minutes a week – remember to keep it brisk. BUT, that's only thirty minutes 5x a week!  That's half a lunchtime, or if you're on a treadmill, just a show.

Of course, one of the great benefits of walking is about getting outside and in the fresh air. Of course, that's not possible every day, but a walking route along, hills and inclines will help you burn even more calories and up your strength and endurance.

If you can't be outside, then you can walk in hallways, up and downstairs, or use a treadmill. You can raise and lower the speed and incline of your treadmill throughout the workout to simulate 'real-world' conditions. 

Walking is also a toning and resistance exercise, which means you build more muscle. Muscle burns more fat even when you're just sitting around.  Muscle mass also helps to reduce the drop in your metabolic rate that occurs so often with weight loss, making your weight loss efforts easier to maintain. Walking also reduces age-related muscle loss, helping you retain your muscle strength and function as well.

An effective way of reducing belly fat is to participate regularly in aerobic exercises, and that means plenty of walking. One study showed how obese women who walked three times a week for 50-70 minutes reduced their waist circumferences by 1.1 inches. They also lost 1.5% of their body fat too.

Apart from helping you to lose weight, walking has other benefits too. It boosts your mood, decreasing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. It makes your brain more sensitive to the hormones norepinephrine and serotonin – it is these hormones that relieve the feelings of depression and stimulate the release of endorphins, making you feel happy. What are you waiting for - go out for a walk!


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