In(side) the Mighty Jungle-The Surprising Health Benefits of House Plants

Green it up...

Hard to kill, easy to take care of and an instant mood booster...


Life is hectic, period. These days adults and children alike are over-scheduled; constantly zipping from one commitment to the next and by the end of the week, everyone is exhausted and seeking refuge and recuperation for what seems like seconds before the vicious cycle resets.

But did you know that in you can achieve Zen like restoration in the comfort of your own home? By adding a few therapeutic plants you will not only improve the aesthetic, but also the air quality while adding a few health and mood elevating benefits.




 Houseplants actually do the opposite of what we do when we breathe; they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, freshening the air and eliminating the harmful toxins. NASA’s extensive research reveals that houseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air within 24 hours!

Forget the one little sad plant on the windowsill! Embrace the jungle and bring it inside. It's time to think of plants as an important part of the decor. If you've been on Instagram, you've probably noticed that the indoor jungle is very much a thing.

Why? Because as the NASA research shows, plants are great for you. Plus they add texture and warmth to you home.  And the best thing about house plants - most of them can thrive in low light and low water conditions! 

So ditch the plastic plants and embrace nature - in a totally contained way!

All you need is light - and not even that much of it and a reminder on your phone to water the things and soon you'll be feeling green again.

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Below are some of the easiest and best houseplants that will thrive under almost any conditions:

 Aloe Vera

The gel found on this plant has amazing healing properties; it’s a skin soother as well as a body detoxifier. This plant also maintains the air quality in your home, clearing the air of pollutants that are in your cleaning products, for example, and keeping your home beautiful and fresh. Aloe Vera plants love the sun and coming in various sizes, blend into almost any décor.


Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Maybe you already have this in your pantry, but Green Tea is a must-have in your home. Boosting digestion, alleviating colds, and giving your skin a glow of health green tea is a super food with a laundry list of internal and external benefits. It’s also wonderful as a healthy rinse for hair, keeping it smooth and shiny.


Planting seedlingsFerns are well-loved and sought-after plants in the home because they are great at removing negative energy from a room. It’s because they purify the air and even absorb harmful toxins from the environment. Soft and gentle, don’t put them in direct sunlight, but maybe in the corner of a room where there is a bit of humidity.

Rubber plant

Rubber plants clean the air in your home and many homes have them because they are so easy to grow. They love more dim light and cooler temperatures; these plants are excellent at removing toxins and purifying the air.

 Witch Hazel

Who doesn’t love the witch hazel plant? If you want a plant that provides excellent benefits to the skin, this plant is it! It’s excellent at fighting acne and is used as a wonderful toner for the skin. You can make the most of this plant by just mixing up a bit of lemon juice with your witch hazel extract and water and you’ve got your own skin toner – excellent for getting rid of scars caused by acne as well.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)

Enjoying houseplantsMmmmmm – who doesn’t love the smell of lemon! This gorgeous plant will enhance your indoor garden with its lovely aroma. If you get bitten by insects while enjoying a balmy evening, rub some lemon balm over the bite and it will instantly soothe it. Lemon Balm has ferulic acid in it, protecting the skin from damage, so it’s not surprising that it can be made into an ointment for sunburn and sores.


Houseplants are so good for your health


A sense of wellbeing comes over you when you see such beauty. Studies show that indoor plants improve productivity and even concentration by up to 15%. They also reduce stress and boost mood. It’s no wonder that hospitals add plants to their rooms.

  •  Plants speed up the recovery rates of patients – this is according to researchers from the Kansas State University. When they compared the records of patients who had plants in their rooms to that of patients who did not have any plans in their rooms they founds that patients who had plants requested fewer pain medications, their heart rates and blood pressure were lower, they were less anxious, they experienced less fatigue and their average recovery rates were higher.

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