Summer Reading List 2019

Welcome to La Belle Vie Journal's Summer Reading List.

We've combed through the best of the best book lists and put together a list of summer reads that will keep you cool under the hot sun, or entranced during the rainy days!


For the Kids

Going Old School first:

Gone Away Lake - Elizabeth Enright - A classic about a sister and brother who visit their cousin in the country for the summer. Includes puppies, free-range parenting and a mysterious dried up lake complete with Victorian manses and some mysterious inhabitants. 

This was a personal favorite, and features a female protagonist that stands the test of time. 

For You:

Won't Rot Your Brain, but still Fun

The Gifted School - Bruce Holsinger -  Described as a cross between Big Little Lies  and the Aunt Becky cheating scandal, it's the story of just how far some parents will go to get their kids into the "right" school. 

Seems eerily prescient given that we know  fact isn't always stranger than fiction when it comes to "getting in".


The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides If you're a fan of why did they do it (as opposed to whodunit) this might be the thriller for you. The tangled Hitchcockian story of a  woman who commits an act of violence against herhusband and the therapist determined to find out why. 

Soapy and Sudsy

The Summer Guests - Mary Alice Monroe - A southern beach read about what happens when a natural disasters forces strangers/casual friends into close proximity. Tensions abound and secrets revealed. 

Sunset Beach - Mary Kay Andrews - Down on her luck Drue Campbell takes a job at her father's personal injury firm as a filing clerk. The one bright spot - her run-down cottage right on the beach. Soon, she goes from filing to investigating a suspicious death. A touch of romance, a mystery and beachy setting - what more could you want from the Queen of the Beach Read.

Mystery & Suspense

From FBI agents, to coroners to the Miss Marple knitting her way to the solution, the Mystery & Suspense category runs the gamut.

Check out our Cozy & Historical Mystery page for picks on the best way to match wits against a killer without leaving your beach chair. 


Under the Tuscan Sun - France Mayes - An oldie but a goodie. Indulge in your desire to escape reality by fleeing to Italy and living in a villa set amid olive groves.  


 What's on your summer reading list?


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