The Book Was Better - Weekend Roundup

Book vs. Movie - Here's a list of books that have or will be turned into movies this year... You can decide...books or movies?

Stephen King's ItIt  - Part II (the movie) is out now. If you're a horror or just like to justify your dislike if clowns, you can read the book or watch part I on demand before heading to the theatre.

The Goldfinch - A hefty literary novel with the soul of a mystery/crime thriller, this story, by Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer in 2014 before being made into a movie this year. The story centers around a boy who is orphaned during a terrorist attack at an art museum. In the ensuing chaos he makes off with a priceless piece of art that anchors him as he grows up and finds (or immerses) himself in a life of crime.

The Kitchen - ok so it's based on a graphic novel, but this story of mob wives who take over their jailed husbands' "business" stars Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Hadish and Elizabeth Moss...can you say girl power? Unfortunately, the reviews were mostly negative but feel free to ignore the haters and discover it for yourself!

Little Women - A classic, it's been through several adaptations. The newest one comes out later in the fall, but you read all about the March sisters now, or check out the most recent movie adaptation starring Winona Ryder.

The Notebook - ok so this isn't recent, but since just about every Nicholas Sparks movie, I mean book, gets turned into a movie, you might want to revisit some of these gems, like The Notebook or check out The Longest Ride, Safe Harbor, Dear John, Message in a Bottle, The Choice, The Last Song, A Walk to Remember...

Lifetime's Nora Roberts collection - ok, so I don't think a Nora book ever made it to the big screen but you a whole host of them were made into movies by Lifetime. They all feature at least one or two actresses you know. You can get a few of them from Amazon on demand or as DVDs or...just read the books..Montana Sky, Angel's Falls, Tribute, High Noon, Carolina Moon, Blue Smoke, Midnight Bayou, Northern Lights, Sanctuary

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What's your favorite (or least favorite book to movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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