The Power of Introverts

Shh, are you one of those people?

It’s ok if you are...cause I’m one of those people too.

The word begins with an I and ends with a T...and for some reason, these kinds of people are always being told to be more like other people...because those are the people who get all the attention, who seem to have all of the success...

We’re seen as the wallflowersdoormats, the ones living lives of quiet desperation...while those other people look at us sadly and shake their heads.

But...did you know there are unique strengths in being the quiet type? The official word is 'introvert.'

The opposite is known as an Extrovert. And they’re the ones that hog all the attention. JK.

It’s true. Society celebrates the extrovert ideal, honoring those who are bold and charismatic. 

On the flip side, this type of behavior can lead to hubris - a complete overestimation and overconfidence in one’s abilities.

And we know what happens when hubris gets involved. Remember Enron or the 2008 financial crisis?

But the truth is introverts have some UNIQUE strengths. Strengths that should be celebrated.

Did you know that introverts tend to be:

  • Highly Creative
  • Astute observers of the world around them
  • Great at solving complex problems

All without tooting their own horn or blasting about it on social media…(no offense to extroverts.)

Now, extroverts aren’t bad people – they’re the ones that tend to make things more “fun.”

They get their energy from other people, so they’re the ones organizing the group trips, the fun night out.

For them, it’s “the more, the merrier.”

Introverts, though, get their energy from within – from themselves or a core group of people.

If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed after a busy weekend, looking forward to the week when you can ‘check out’ after work and curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and some quiet time.


Like yin and yang, introverts and extroverts can work together – bringing out the best in each other.

But sometimes, being an introvert in an extroverted world is exhausting.

Especially if you’re like many women out there – you know, CEO of a household, slaying it in the work world, volunteering in your community.

Because if you’re an introvert, you probably have a reputation for solving complex problems – like planning a fundraiser for the soccer club or the company outing (when those were a thing).

In other words, you’re a go-to person because you get stuff done.

But you might feel overwhelmed, crying out for some alone time in an extroverted world?

But you can’t seem to bring yourself to say no?

If that’s the case, then you might want to check out the strategies in my Choose You book. It’s filled with simple strategies for finding graceful ways to say No - even if you’re a people pleaser, without p*ssing anyone off. 

Plus, you’ll find unique ways to treat yourself right - self-care isn’t just about fancy spa days - it’s about creating rituals and routines that honor your need to rest, recharge so you can be there for everyone who needs you.

And that’s all for now – I’m off to take a moment with a cup of tea and a journal (wink, wink).


Andrea, La Belle Vie Journal


P.S. If you need help saying no, finding time for yourself, and learning how to put yourself first without p*ssing people off, check out Choose You – simple strategies to say no, find YOU TIME, all without p*ssing people off.

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