The What to Read, Watch and Eat for the weekend!

The Weekend Round up!


Alas, it is unofficially summer no more. You might think it's because I see red-gold leaves gently fluttering through the air to create patchwork carpet on the ground. But no, it's because Starbucks has already released its ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL).  

It's Friday, and time for La Bell Vie Journal's  weekend round-up of what to read, watch and eat this weekend!

But first up, a special shout out to all of you who replied back on your reading food and drink cravings, especially Toni M who enjoys something salty at night and sweet (with tea) during the day!  Enjoy your weekend of binge reading Tina!

For this week's reader participation question  - what do you really think about pumpkin spice? Is it the flavor of fall? Yes or No? You can let me know in the comments section of the post - read the whole newsletter here:

What to Read: Yes, fall is a wonderful time of year to read! Instead of getting sand between our pages and toes, we can get sip tea and eat cookies on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. Need some reading suggestions?

Want some classic Nora? Try Dancing Upon Air  by the Queen  of Romance, Nora Roberts. It's the first in the Three Sisters trilogy and is set on a small New England island.

Nell Channing is running from her past - and heading right to her future - which includes a talent for cooking, a quaint New England town, a hunky sheriff and a witchy destiny!

Continuing with the witchy theme, you might want to check out  Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic. Two sisters, who may or may not be witches, learn they have to stick together to fight evil. 

Not in the mood for charming small towns or witches? Well then check out Next Year in Havana - the story of one woman's quest to learn the truth of her family's origin story. It's a Reese Witherspoon book club pick and garnering solid reader reviews on Amazon!

Watch - The movie version of Practical Magic features Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and a charming Aidan Quinn. 

Or perhaps whip smart humor with a slightly dark edge is more your cup of tea, in which case, the female centered coming of age movie, Booksmart is available on demand. It's being hailed as Superbad for the ladies. 

Eat - Grilled cheese - yes please! Why have a regular grilled cheese when you can have a Croque Monsieur! This delicious grilled ham and cheese sandwich is grilled, then baked in a covering of bechamel sauce. Croque Monsieur translates into Crunch Sir...and all we can say is, Please Sir, can we have more? Get the recipe here: La Belle Vie Journal's Croque Monsieur Recipe. 

Got Purpose? Discover the power of living with purpose - The La Belle Vie Journal's Purpose Project - A Toolkit for living with purpose!

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  • Mary Crowe on

    Pumpkin spice, NO, just NO. I love pumpkin pie and that is about it. Everything else is bogus!

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