Weekend 4-1-1 Long Live the Queen


Why Queen Victoria? Keep Reading to Find out! 

Welcome LBVJ'ers. TGIF! After a Thursday Halloween night out with the ghosts and the goblins, today feels like it should be Sunday. But luckily there's still plenty of weekend left.

In the northeast it was rainy, blustery and oddly warm on Halloween, which  which led to a lot of are we or aren't we going out from the little goblins.

But Halloween cheer won out and candy was amassed by all. 

Now it's November and time to think about the rush to the end of the year!


I am pretty sure the Hallmark Channel's Christmas movie marathon hasn't started, but I'm sure it's right around the corner...But before we start sipping peppermint hot cocoa and deciding who's been naughty and nice, treat yourself this weekend and relax with a good book, a fun flick and something

READ  - This week the news is all about Brexit and in honor of the country across the pond, we're celebrating historical cozy mysteries set in the Victorian era, featuring headstrong lady detectives.  

These aristocratic British ladies sleuth their way across misty moors, down into the depths of Scottish castles and wend their way through the gas-lit streets of London, all in the name of justice.

Check out Deanna Raybourn's Veronica Speedwell series, featuring the eponymous Veronica as a scientist who is drawn into upper-crust misdeeds due to her somewhat scandalous connection to the royal family.  She's a thoroughly modern lady who just happens to loves to defy convention.

For a more traditional detective story, check out the Lady Darby mysteries, set in Scotland. Lady Darby is a painter whose unusual knowledge of anatomy pairs her with the suave private detective Sebastian Gage. It's like a 19th century version of Rizzoli & Isles. 


Watch - So many choices! You could literally hole up in your house and never leave and watch and watch and watch. If that's your choice, go for it - as the new Jack Ryan season just dropped on Amazon Prime.

Or perhaps it's time to head to the movies - you have a choice between two pics featuring bad-ass women - Harriet or Terminator: Dark Fate

EAT - Soup's on! Wash away one too many fun size Halloween candy bars with this creamy wild rice and mushroom soup. Get the recipe here.

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