Wine Holes, Fancy Chocolate and Lefties

 Happy Friday!

Maybe it's just me but the story about Florentine Wine Holes - yes, actually little windows in the walls of buildings from which wine is served. Brilliant...I wouldn't expect anything less from the place where the Renaissance started!  Imagine how much more fun that after dinner walk would be if you started to pass out wine or other treats to your neighbors. 
While we don't have wine holes in our little neighborhood, we have been enjoying porch gathering - outside, socially distanced. It's a great way to get to see people, chat with the neighbors and share a smile! I hope you've all found a way to keep your community going during these tough times.
Finnish Chocolate

Apparently I am the target market for impulse buying as witnessed by this purchase, conveniently placed right at the checkout at the local grocery store.  Finnish chocolate. It's dark chocolate so it must be healthy right? And it has sea buckthorn in it.  On the one hand, buckthorn doesn't sound so great, but it's chocolate, so it can't be all that bad, right?

HERE NOW! BOOK 7 in The Queensbay Series

Truly Yours - Lance Morgan is a local PI who had one simple job - keep an eye on Grant Snow, an international art dealer with ties to organized crime - and make sure he doesn't fly the coop. But Snow's gotten away And there's only one person who might know where he is.

Lydia Snow is a talented and beautiful artist who only came to Queensbay to help with her little brother. Now her dad's disappeared, the FBI wants to question her and some of her father's 'acquaintances' think she knows more than she's telling.


At first, Lydia is just a job to Lance. But he can't deny his feelings for her. Still, what if she's not the innocent victim she claims she is? Just how far over the line will he go to protect her and her little brother?


You can start reading the book here and if you need to catch up on the rest of the series, check out books 1-4 in the specially priced box set, or book 5 -  With You or Book 7 - All That I Want

Left Handed Day!

This week saw the celebration of left-handed days, and not being one to miss a chance to celebrate, I've created a little trivia contest/giveaway about left-handed writers. Take the quiz below and one lucky winner will be selected. Winner will receive a So Many Books So Little Time coffee mug and a coffee gift card!

Congrats to Linda and Mya our past winners!



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