You Should Have Stayed in Third

That's the advice my 16 year old gave me as I'm driving him around. Now that he has his permit, he knows everything - even how to drive stick. 

Now, to fair, I really DO know how to drive stick. 

I learned to drive stick because my boyfriend (now hubby) agreed to teach me - and he had an old standard drive Nissan - red, hatchback, sort of sporty, kinda cool. 

Since then I've had a few stick shifts in my life  - my first new car - a Saturn - remember those, and ancient maize yellow Volvo sedan - diesel of course and now this old Jeep. 


It was supposed to be the third car, for the new driver, even though he's months away from getting his license. 



Turns out, I was bamboozled. Hubby wanted a pandemic now's there's fixing up the Jeep, tricking out the Jeep, the all Jeep catalogs that keep coming to the house. Did you know there's even a Jeep wave? Yup - and now I know it.

So it's truly is a Jeep thing and I finally, sorta have my convertible (only when the sun is shining!)


But it got me thinking...what's the craziest thing that happened to your while you were learning to drive?

Mine might be the great saffron mom sent me out for saffron and I had my first fender bender...

But I want to know what yours is - let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram.

I'll pick a random commenter for a $5 coffee gift card!

Oh and be forewarned - your tale might just find its way, in some form into a story - don't worry names and details changed to protect the innocent!


And hey,

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