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Hey there, thanks for your interest in my free tool - a the LBVJ Budget Planner. When I decided that my life was crazy and out of control, I took a good long look at just what was going on. I realized I was stressed about a lot of things...and that thr ROOT of that stress, was you guessed, it MONEY.

MONEY was kinda the root of all evil in my life - but not in the way you think.

At first I thought I didn't have enough of it - and that there would never be a chance to change my life because I NEEDED to make money.

I was totally stressed about money...so I decided to get GOOD with MONEY and see where that I led me.

And what I found wasn't that I didn't have enough of it - it was that I wasn't USING IT MOST EFFECTIVELY.

My first step was looking at our basis finances - money in vs. money out. And while I realized we were doing ok on money in, we SUCKED at Money out. 

So I started really listing what, where and how we spent. And I found that there was a lot of flex in our spending. And that by changing some things, maybe we didn't NEED AS MUCH MONEY as I thought...Or that dream vacation was entirely doable.

BUT what I did FIND was that we were PAYING ALOT OF MONEY TO DEBT.

It was like that trying to reach the surface with one armed tied behind our back, I realized that we didn't need to make more money, we just needed to pay off our debt  - in which case, we'd have plenty of FREE cash flow.

So by using a budget, knowing exactly how much debt I was in, and coming up with a simple step by step plan I was actually able to PAY OFF our debt - in record time - and not overly impact our way of life.

And it was like a LIGHT BULB went off in my head. Living (relatively) debt free freed up my mental space - I slept better, stressed less, while still living a great life. 


What to learn how to live debt free, save like crazy, and plan for an early retirement - all without penny pinching today?

It's possible to both plan for the future and enjoy the present. The key is to managing your finances, most importantly DESTROYING YOUR DEBT.

DEBT - and paying down DEBT robs you and your family of the life you DESERVE.

By managing, paying off and eliminating debt you'll be able to enjoy today, while knowing that tomorrow is taken care of.

My DEBT DESTROYER BOOTCAMP is astep by step roadmap for understanding your financial picture, understanding your total debt and how to come up with a REALISTIC and FOLLOW-ABLE PLAN to get rid of it.

Learn how you can pay off $20000 in debt in just a few years, raise your credit score and bulletproof your finances - by never getting into debt again.

This complete guide will give you step by step instructions on how to pay off $20,000 in debt, raise your credit score and BREAK the DEBT CYCLE


What will this step by step guide do:

Walk you through a simple strategy to understand your COMPLETE picture of your finances - from your income, assets, to what and who you owe.

Help you understand which issues to tackle first:

- freeing up income

- bolstering savings

- tackling debt

Provide a roadmap for clearing out your debt in the shortest possible timeframe

PLUS you'll get these bonuses

- How to raise your credit score

- How to handle your own credit card disputes and repair your credit


The Debt Destroyer Bootcamp includes a step by step guide, downloadable worksheets and and cheatsheets to help you start living your best life. You'll get instant access to the PDF file, which you can print out, or work and fill in at your own pace. 

 It's a great companion to my Budget Planner, and will help you plan the next step in your financial life.
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