GirlMogul Media Services

Welcome to GirlMogul Media, the parent company of La Belle Vie Journal and the Drea Stein's books.

Looking for content creation for your business?  As a successful author and blogger, I've created a lot of content over the years. I know what works and what doesn't.

As an experienced ecommerce platform manager, working for a multi-national public company, I also have a strong technical and project management background.

Which means good things for you. 

If you're looking for on-brand content creation for your email newsletters, email funnels, long form sales letters or product descriptions I can help.

I am available to help define the voice of your brand - is it  J. Peterman or Gilmore Girls?  Upper crust Downton Abbey or Friday Night Knit Club, I can help you define your literary voice, as well as create a content plan for you. 

I can help define your email marketing funnels, from welcome sequences, to cart abandonment sequences, to the Buy or Die sequence, as well as create content for them.

Want someone to write ongoing content for your newsletters? Or sales pages?

I can do that too.

Let's talk. 

Sample Rates and Packages


Define my Voice of My Brand

We will review your current brand, discuss or develop your brand avatar and develop a literary style for your brand.  You will then use this Brand Voice Brief to create your content

Sequence Me

You know what your brand sounds like, but need help defining your email flows and funnels. Let me send you a "flow" plan - templates for welcome sequences, abandoned cart and a buy or die sequence.

Newsletter Strategy - Creating an ongoing reason to reach out to your customer is hard - no one wants to send 85% off emails all the time. I will help you develop a unique newsletter strategy for you to implement. 

Content Creation - this differs, based on the what you need. 

About Me - What a zippy about me? 

Email Flows - Need help creating your emails for your email sequence/flows. I can create these for you.

Newsletter Creation - Hate to write? Hire me to write your newsletter for you.