The Ivy House - Queensbay Book 3

The Ivy House - Queensbay Book 3

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Phoebe Ryan is Hollywood royalty, the grand-daughter of the infamous screen siren Savannah Ryan. All of her life, Phoebe’s been a California golden girl. But when Savannah dies and leaves her penniless, Phoebe finds her life going down faster than a sinking ship. Before she knows it, she’s been dumped, fired and evicted. All of sudden the glamour of Hollywood is starting to wear a little thin.

So when Phoebe discovers Savannah has left her a run-down house on the New England coast, she eagerly hops on a plane.

Savannah had always told her that the Ivy House was magical, but the rundown cottage that faces her isn't what she expected. And neither is Chase Sanders, the one man whose past is linked inextricably to her own. Can a big town girl find love with a small town guy? Or is Chase only interested in her because of her famous last name? Phoebe knows that all that glitters isn't gold, but will Chase be able to convince her that his love for her is the real thing?

A full-length, stand-alone contemporary romance novel.