The Purpose Project Journal & Video Course
The Purpose Project Journal & Video Course

The Purpose Project Journal & Video Course

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    • The Purpose Project Journal - a physical paper journal that will guide you through the methodology of discovering and living your purpose - explanations, exercises and guided journaling all in one place

    PLUS, You'll receive access to the

    The Purpose Project Online Course

    This includes instant access to all SIX modules of the Purpose Project. You can download the videos, the worksheets and the lectures for on the go access. Here's what's covered:

    • Module 1 - The Power of Purpose - Why everyone deserves to live with purpose
    • Module 2 - The Power of Gratitude in Creating the New YOU - you'd be surprised at how much you have going for you - and this module and exercises will help you tap into what's already amazing in your life.
    • Module 3 - Discovering Your Purpose - You'll laugh, you'll think and you might even cry, but one thing is sure - you'll have a whole new understanding of what brings you happiness, satisfaction and joy after you finish this module.
    • Module 4 - Crafting Your Personal Purpose Statement - In this module you will decide what you want to do and be and how you want to live - and create a guidebook to help you live it
    • Module 5 - Living With Purpose Each and Every Day - In this module, you'll take your good intentions and develop a plan to help you live with purpose every day.  You'll have a detailed playbook to help you get from point A to B and beyond
    • Bonus - For a limited time, I'll also send you one of my favorites - a charm necklace with the inscription "She Believed She Could So She Did" to help remind you every day that life's a journey - and we need to enjoy the ride