The Queensbay Series - Vol 1-3
The Queensbay Series - Vol 1-3

The Queensbay Series - Vol 1-3

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Love Small Town Romance? Get the first THREE books in Drea Stein's Queensbay small town romance series. On sale for a limited time!

Meet the couples of Queensbay as they live, laugh and find their happily ever afters!

Save over 50% with the box set of this 3 book, 5-star series. The box set contains 3 FULL-LENGTH novels in Drea Stein's Queensbay small town contemporary romance series. Readers love the series, raving it's a MUST READ and CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT ONE!


The book that started it all. Sean Callahan was big shot chef with his own restaurant and a tv deal - until one mistake had him back scrubbing pots.

Now he has a second shot at doing what he loves and he's not about to let anything get between him and his dreams - including the beautiful but fiery Darby Reese.

Darby Reese secretly quit her big city job to take over a struggling cafe.

When these two passionate chefs meet sparks fly - but is their chemistry kitchen magic or a recipe for disaster?


Will Caitlyn Montgomery and Noah Randall give first love a second chance?

Noah was Caitlyn's first love. But he left town years ago, breaking her heart. When her beloved grandfather died amid scandal, Caitlyn left too, vowing never to return.

But circumstances throw them together again. Once, Caitlyn was sure Noah was the one for her…over the past decade, she’s managed to do her best to forget about Noah Randall. But now she can’t help wondering, what if? What if Noah really was the one?


Phoebe Ryan is Hollywood royalty, the grand-daughter of the infamous screen siren Savannah Ryan. All of her life, Phoebe’s been a California golden girl. But when Savannah dies and leaves her penniless, Phoebe finds her life going down faster than a sinking ship. Before she knows it, she’s been dumped, fired and evicted.

When Phoebe discovers Savannah has left her a house on the New England coast, she eagerly hops on a plane only to discover the cottage isn't what she expected. And neither is Chase Sanders, the one man whose past is linked inextricably to her own. Can a big town girl find love with a small town guy? Or is Chase only interested in her because of her famous last name? Will Chase be able to convince her that his love for her is the real thing?